Dallas Financial Planners

Are you a resident of Dallas? Do you want to make profitable investments? Taking wise and informed investment decisions is no easy task, however. The financial markets are complex in their working mechanism, and a common investor might feel lost in here. The market movements cannot be predicted with certainty, […]

Poker and the Stock Market

I was out of town this weekend in Southern NJ, Atlantic City to be exact. After finishing my business at the convention center, I traveled back to the newest casino, the Borgata where I was staying for the night. I don’t consider myself a gambler and have never enjoyed losing […]

Business Reports: Consultants Who Avoid These Writing Mistakes Will Keep Customers Happier

Customers value reports from their consultants in human resources, engineering, project management and organizational development. But it is easy for consultants to fall into writing traps that undermine their advice and their credibility. Are you guilty of the following writing mistakes? Mistake 1: Revealing your frustrations with the problems you […]