3 Key Recruiting Trends For Consultants In 2014

With 2013 almost over it’s that time of year when we all get out our crystal balls to predict what the future will hold for us all in 2014. As a rec to rec company many of our clients and candidates contact us for our opinion on where the recruitment sector is moving and the areas that will need their attention. From our own experience talking to hundreds of recruiters this year and our market analysis these 3 key areas are ones to watch out for.

1. Accelerated growth

Though we won’t all be able to make our millions and retire to Brighton next December the market is healthy. The UK economy has improved and employment is a big contributory factor.

That means that as recruitment companies we ‘should’ be able to have more placements resting on our whiteboards in the office; assuming we are ready of course to capitalise on the opportunity in front of us. If you have been a lone recruitment ranger in the past perhaps now is the time to develop your team. If you are a recruitment company dominating a particular sector maybe it is time to bring in another desk to expand your offering. The companies that grow are the ones that are primed and ready to make the most of growth trends in the market.

2. The return of the professional recruitment consultant

Increased numbers of vacancies also means more competition. Clients and candidates have always had the ability to pick and choose and this trend is set to increase. The last year has seen candidate driven markets increasing and with it candidates that are deciding which recruitment company to work with. That is where the skills and attitude of a professional recruitment consultant will win out.

Phoning when you say you will, keeping in contact, helping with preparation are now all MUST do’s for candidates. Extra time filtering out the best opportunities for candidates will stand you in good stead with all concerned.

Being a great recruitment consultant running an amazing desk means you always need to be growing. That means pushing yourself outside of your comfort zone. Making the uncomfortable calls, challenging your clients when it is in the best interests for their business. Proactively choosing to improve your skills without being told to.

3. Social media candidate engagement

The big buzz word at the moment is candidate engagement. To you and I that means having a bank of candidates that trust you as a recruiter, so much so that you will always be their first contact point should they (or their friends-hint referral opportunities) want to move. To get to that point you have to start somewhere. The classic; Know, Like, Trust process can work for recruiter’s not just marketers. The good news is that social media makes this process easier than ever.

Being active on social media in an engaging way and not just posting jobs works. Over time your contacts get to know you and then start to visit your website and eventually pick up the phone.

Far too many recruiters are still in the Dark Age and think LinkedIn is just a job board instead of one of the best people magnets there is to draw people to you.

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