5 Janitorial Services Tips Every Fort Worth Parent Should Know

Janitorial services are commercial cleaning services for offices and similar workplace environments. They are often also called cleaners or custodians.

Top-notch janitorial services should include the care of different flooring surfaces in their favor. This will reduce future refinishing costs and maintenance. In addition, they should know how to dispose of trash and recycle properly.

Do Your Research

Janitorial services Fort Worth are an investment, so it’s essential to do your research before hiring one. Find out what kind of experience they have and how long they’ve been in business. Also, ask how they hire and train their employees.

Sanitation: Professional janitors know how to keep your space free of germs and bacteria, which helps reduce employee illness and improve the overall health of your business. Cleanliness also gives your customers and employees a good impression of your business.

Be wary of a company that uses an illegal workforce. These workers are often paid very little and do not have medical coverage if they get hurt on the job. This puts your business at risk of being cited by regulatory authorities. It also leaves property owners liable for any damages or injuries that may occur due to the workers’ negligence.

Ask About Their Technology

As janitorial services Fort Worth companies look for ways to streamline their business processes and improve customer service, they also turn to new technologies for help. From intelligent tools that can automatically monitor and adjust cleaning schedules to GPS software that keeps track of where employees are at all times, technology is helping janitorial businesses improve their services.

One example is the whiz-bang robot from SoftBank Robotics called Whiz. This entirely teachable robot takes on large surface areas that would take human cleaner hours to complete, freeing up staff time for more critical tasks.

Another way to clean surfaces is by using high-level disinfectants on highly touchable areas such as door handles, buttons, and cafe tables. However, this can leave behind a sticky residue that feels strange.

Get a Quote

Many people think of janitorial services and imagine high school janitors mopping floors and sweeping cafeterias. But a commercial cleaning company can offer much more than that!

For example, expert outsourced janitorial services can include restocking restroom supplies like toilet paper and tissue and sanitizing all touch points. This includes sanitizing light switches, door knobs, and drawer handles with disinfectant wipes.

They can also provide deep cleaning services such as tile and grout scrubbing and carpet stain removal. This is especially valuable after a building renovation or construction project. They can also manage more complex responsibilities such as facility maintenance, which covers a broader range of jobs, including window washing, air conditioning, and even handyperson services. This can help businesses save time and money by reducing the number of service contractors they need to call.

Check Out Their Reputation

When choosing janitorial services, it is vital to check out their reputation. You can do this by looking at customer reviews and ratings. You should also look at how long they have been in business and what type of properties they clean.

Professional offices require a high level of service and attention to detail. It is not suitable for the image of a company to have dirty restrooms or dusty office furniture. A Managed Cleaning Program from JAN-PRO will help your company maintain a positive impression with a professional appearance and outstanding products and skills.

Schools are a unique environment that requires specialized cleaning services. School janitorial services should provide 24/7 availability and expert cleaning, sanitizing, and disinfecting techniques. In addition, the service should have thorough background checks and be bonded and insured.

Get a Discount

If you want to save money on your janitorial services Fort Worth, one way to do it is to get a discount. Many companies offer discounts if you hire them regularly or book a service package. This can help you save a lot of money in the long run.

You can also negotiate with the company if you are unhappy with their prices. They can reduce them based on your needs or other factors.

Looking for a janitorial service with years of industry experience is essential. This will ensure that they know how to clean your commercial space properly. They will also have a good understanding of your specific needs and expectations.

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