Beginner Stock Market Investing

When it comes to beginner stock market investing, things can get a bit confusing. You risk your bank account for the whims of destiny, in the form of a pieces of paper. Hoping that this piece of paper will go up in value, and not drop in value.

Which is why we all, at some point in our lives, have to get stock market investing advice. Many people are not strong enough to admit that they need help. Many are too proud. And it can definitely be a humbling experience to have to openly admit that you do in fact need help. But getting help will make you a better investor.

Regardless, everyone must get help sooner or later. Some people will choose to do so under the wire by reading books or watching video tutorials. Others will get help from a close knit group, usually a mastermind group, where they can get hands on direct guidance.

And then there are the craziest, in my opinion. Those that choose to learn how to invest by making their own mistakes and learning all by themselves. This may be the hardest to do and stick with investing, but it will also afford the fastest route to becoming a proficient investor. This method has the highest risk by far, but has the fastest payoff.

So what is the best stock market investing advice? Easy. Learn from your mistakes. Which means you have to make mistakes. Just do it. Plain and simple. Put your money into a company you believe is doing well and learn as you go. Why did the company do well, or do poorly? Modify your investment strategy and do it all over again. Continue this process until you have more wins than losses and then still continue the refinement process.

Be sure that you are using money you can afford to lose. There is no reason you should learn how to invest with your entire nest egg. Start with a measly 100$ if you have to, but start. Over time you will begin to make more than you lose and your confidence will increase and make you more comfortable putting more money out there. This will mark your end of the beginner stock market investing.

Maybe my advice will be ignored. But hopefully, you will learn from what I learn and have the guts to do what others cannot.

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