Breaking the SWOT Analysis Consulting Monopoly

The global business environment has never been more complex or challenging – or required more knowledge to understand. Knowledge isn’t static. Business decisions have to be driven by present as well as future looking data — and anybody who’s playing to win, must keep an eye on their competitors.

The days of paying through the nose for reports that gives ‘the view from 10,000 feet’ are luckily over. Pushy sales reps that sell over-priced syndicated research reports are also a thing of the past. One company broke their monopoly.

Investors depend on reports that function as maps to lead them in the right direction. Getting lost is expensive. Now, even small businesses need analysis to put this massive blur that is the world economy into focus. Investment research offers financial SWOT analysis that is often superior to the multi-thousand dollar content sold by major consultants. User generated research, actively collected around the clock and made available to a community of smart decision makers and investors, is not a product. It’s shared in the spirit of open source. In leveling the field, every investor and business to join the game. One company is changing the definition of the word ‘insider,’ because profitable and actionable business knowledge should be available to everybody.

Even better: collaborative research enables us to produce higher quality SWOT analysis with greater relevance to real world applications than companies that pretend to be providing you with customized business reports they actually piece together from online news feeds you could have accessed yourself.

Outstanding SWOT analysis powers success. It grows businesses and investment portfolios. Only quality SWOT analysis, however, can be used to make business plans. Providing an innovative new resource that brings small business people and investors on board is the goal. Strategic maneuvering shouldn’t be the sole domain of the big guys. Building wealth isn’t possible, however, without forecasting methodologies based on intelligence.

The SWOT analysis is no longer a tool for large corporations – but the most basic requirement to succeeding as an investor or business person in every industry.

Free swot analysis is about control. It’s about leveraging potential, assuring that success is continuous and not based on luck or intuition. In building a community that is collaboratively collating and accumulating timely financial research, the goal is to assist everyone in making business decisions with less risk. Free SWOT alysis also likes to empower ordinary people to employ the same methodologies historically only available to high net worth and institutional investors.

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