Credit Repair Business – A Great Choice For the Entrepreneur

Want to start a profitable home business? If you want to start a home-based business that has the potential for unlimited profits, but requires low startup costs, then the credit repair business may be the best choice for you. This business is not only easy and inexpensive to start, it’s very rewarding in other ways as well.

Basically this business is about learning how to help people improve their credit rating. Your role will be to advise and assist people who are having financial difficulty, and to help solve their problems. When the problems involve bad credit you’ll help them improve it so they might get loans at better interest rates.

As you become more adept at the business, handling credit matters will become effortless for you. This business is always in demand during any economic climate, since people will always need financial help in any economy. This means that you and your credit repair business will always be in demand. So you will always have the potential for huge profits.

Before we get started, let’s go over a few tips – and warnings!

Things needed to start a business in repairing credit:

– A high-quality training course in starting a credit repair business

– Proficiency in analyzing and improving a credit report and credit score

– A strong desire to help people with problem finances

– Knowledge about related laws


1. Make certain you are familiar with the laws pertaining to credit and credit repair companies

2. Prior to launching your business consider offering a “freebie” in exchange for a testimonial.

3. Give serious consideration to membership in a reputable “regulatory” organization like the BBB. Another organization specifically for credit repair companies is the Ethical Credit Repair Alliance


1. Beware of the temptation to hurry things along; in such cases you may be tempted to bend laws and thereby compromise your reputation. This is a trap you do NOT want to fall into!

2. Do not be in too big a hurry to launch your credit repair business. Learn the ropes and start by offering a “Freebie” or two to a close friend or family member, until you are confident that you are ready to go “public.”

3. Never put your profit above the needs of your client. This is being “penny wise pound foolish.”

OK then, let’s get started by following these steps.

Step 1

Locate a top quality training program. Search the Internet. Make a choice based on comprehensiveness, support available, and affordability. And always keep in mind to look for value! – you’ll often find the best value in the middle of the price spectrum.

Get in touch with the seller and don’t hesitate to ask questions. And make sure you get answers. You’re looking for a program that provides all that you’ll need to start and operate your business. Beware of any merchant who is unwilling and/or unable to answer your questions satisfactorily. And if you’re unable to contact the merchant at all? … well, just keep looking!

Step 2

Just purchasing a course is not enough. Do some outside research and take every opportunity to supplement your knowledge. Educate yourself on the present day laws, specifically with regard to credit report repair and debt management. As you can learn a lot from the Internet, it’s a good idea to also take some courses online in related issues such as credit repair law, debt settlement, and financial management.

Step 3

Network! A lot can be gained by interaction with others in the credit repair business. A good start is to join an organization like the Ethical Credit Repair Alliance (ECRA) where you can interact directly with others in the same profession.

Step 4

Start with close relatives and friends. Look around carefully, and you will be surprised to know how many people around you have problem credit and need help to improve their credit score.

Step 5

Learn all you can about marketing a business. There are many good books and resources on marketing. Take advantage of them!

Step 6

Always make your first priority the needs of your client. Never let the “dollar signs” blind you to what your primary task is. If you don’t get this right, you won’t be in business very long.

Also remember that marketing and quality of service go hand-in-hand. Every time you provide excellent service, you create a satisfied customer, who becomes a “word-of-mouth” promoter for your business!

Step 7

Keep growing your business every day. Use your knowledge to continuously promote your business. As your credit repair business continues growing, you will become more adept and experienced in dealing with credit repair and the credit bureaus.

There’s no better way to help other people in desperate need and at the same time generate wealth and satisfaction for yourself.

The business of credit repair is as profitable as it is emotionally fulfilling. It’s a wonderful feeling to be earning a great living by helping people.

What more could you ask for? Good luck! Now go get started! 

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