Free Press Release Submission Sites For Promoting Your Business

Free press release submission sites enable many business owners to effectively distribute their news articles. Do not waste your time in trying to submit your release to all the free websites available. Choose around three to five free press release submission sites that offer a great service to meet the requirements for promoting your business.

There are many free submission sites to choose from. Even though you are able to submit the release for free, you are still requested to sign up for an account. This is a quick and easy process, and any personal details supplied, will be safe and secure.

All of these websites display plenty of information for you to browse before you decide to sign up. You are able to see their various news categories, and it is a good idea to make sure your release will match with one of their specific categories. Explore the news articles within your category to determine the typical content that the website likes to publish. This will help you to decide on the angle to go for when writing your release.

The free press release submission sites will offer extensive submission guidelines to help you in creating an applicable news article and to submit it correctly. These guidelines are for your assistance and to enable the site to publish good quality, newsworthy releases that people want to read.

In general, a document will be rejected if it reads more like an advertisement, than like a news story should. Your submission must be free from spelling and grammar mistakes and should not be overly punctuated and capitalized. Some paid press release services will edit your document, but for a free service, proofreading your work, is the least you can do!

Most importantly, free press release submission sites are seeking newsworthy stories, written in a third-party style, with a good layout.

Unfortunately, you are not guaranteed that your release will be published. Most websites will have a limited number of new, free press release inclusions each day. This is why it is imperative to strictly follow the website’s guidelines and ensure that your submission is of top-notch quality.

Sometimes these websites offer paid and free services. Where the free service may or may not publish your story, a paid distribution plan will guarantee the publish of your release.

The goal of a free distribution service is the same as for paid services. They wish to provide only the best quality news for their readers and journalists. Stories that are unfit for publication due to their content, will be thrown out, such as those that promote violence, hatred, racism, pornography/sexually explicit information, blatant advertising or releases that may cause harm or damage to a third party.

If you are unsure of exactly how to write a good press release, you can often find detailed instructions on the free websites. They will offer only the best advice because they want to receive well-written and publishable documents. They will also provide helpful hints as to how often a press release should be submitted, information that should not be included and what is considered as newsworthy.

Free press release submission sites are an excellent place to start when first writing news for your business. Your business will be well promoted by broad exposure to mass media outlets, with no costs to dent your profits.

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