Image Consultants – Experts in Wardrobe Weeding

It’s that time of year when we start putting together our winter wardrobes. Some of us will shuffle things around and put our summer clothing away until next year and make room for new autumn purchases. But are you one of those hoarders? Do you keep things from year to year even though you never wear them our they’re completely outdated? You may be in need of help.

An image consultant can show you which colours really bring out the best in you and which styles flatter your bodyshape. If you find it really hard to know which items to get rid of and which to keep, they can come to your home and work through it with you. They will sort through items in your wardrobe, showing you which are great colours for making you look younger, fitter and healthier and which ones are quite draining. With their expert eye, they’ll be able to discard the clothes you have which swamp your figure or draw attention to the bits that you’re trying to hide! They may ask you to try on the item so that they can see how the fabric and shape of it works with your body. If both the colour and style of a piece of clothing are wrong, your image consultant will strongly recommend you get rid of it – it is doing nothing for you!

An image consultant will also find the things you have that really show off your figure and will help you put them together in a modern or up-to-date way. Sometimes, even adding a belt, scarf or other accessories to an outfit can rescue it from the rubbish pile and give it another season’s wear.

If the thought of someone rummaging around in your underwear drawer (like Gok Wan in How to Look Good Naked) brings you out in a cold sweat, be assured that they will only check through your outer garments unless you specifically ask for advice on underwear as well.

Once your clothes have been sorted into the good, the bad and the rescuable, your image consultant will show you how to arrange your wardrobe efficiently so that you can find everything and know how the pieces mix and match easily. They’ll even help you make a list of what you need to buy to fill the “weeded” gaps!

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