Lucrative, Untapped Article Market: Write Articles for Consultants

Are you offering article writing services? Here’s a lucrative market you may not have considered: consultants. Consultants work in many different industries and professions; they run small businesses. You can help them with their marketing.

Consultants understand the value of information, and many have websites. However, they won’t be familiar with information marketing until you explain how it works.

You’ll also need to explain the benefits of the services you provide.

Why not write your own articles to illustrate how your services work?

A writer friend began working with consultants when she was under contract to a management agency. It’s now become a major part of her business. She wrote an eBook to explain how search engine optimization (SEO) and article marketing work to educate her clients. She offers the eBook as a download, as well as in hard copy, also for free.

She told me she wrote the eBook in a weekend, and says she hands out free copies whenever she speaks. “It’s a wonderful investment of my time,” she said. “It’s responsible for 50 per cent of my business this year.”

Consultants Need to Market: Tell Them Google Is Their Best Friend

Consultants get their business through advertising and word-of-mouth. They don’t have much time for marketing. They may have a website, and they may send out newsletters to their clients.

You can promote your services by telling your prospective clients that Google is their best friend. Articles you write will go to work for them, drawing traffic to their website, and getting new clients for them for years to come, without them having to put in any extra work.

Chat With the Consultant: Understand His Customers

You can promote yourself as an article writer for consultants. However, remember that you’re writing for his audience. You need to talk with him to understand his audience. You also need to work out which keywords that audience would use to find his services.

Once you understand his audience, you’ll be able to write good articles. However, don’t stop at just writing Web articles. You can offer a premium service too.

Premium Service: Ghostwrite Articles for Magazines

In addition to ghostwriting articles for the web, you can also offer to ghostwrite articles for magazines for your clients..

The articles you write for magazines need to be better researched and more professional than articles you write for the Web. Therefore you should consider this a premium service, and charge more for these articles.

Writing articles for consultants is a lucrative and untapped article market. Give this market a try.

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