Star Wars Collectors and Fans

From the first time Luke Skywalker used the Force to make his light saber work, Star Wars collectibles have been a huge industry. From original models of the Millennium Falcon to Darth Vader bed sheets, there really isn’t anything Force-related that a dedicated collector won’t buy.

The people who collect Star Wars memorabilia are as varied a lot as the patrons of the Cantina. The most visible collectors are the fanatics, ones who go globallytime to the conventions in full costume, sporting a Jedi cloak or a Princess Leia hair bun wig. These fans certainly seem to enjoy their hobby the most, and likely collect more for their own private collection and general enjoyment than for investment opportunities. These folks are more likely to actually play with their toys than other collectors and they are way more likely to be involved in social clubs devoted to all things Star Wars.

The true fanatic collector identifies with the mythology of the Star Wars saga as much more than simply a series of movies. To these most fervent collectors, the saga has real lessons and real morals that can apply to everyone. Collecting the memorabilia reflects the respect that the fanatic has for the series. A true fanatic will be able to tell at a glance if the Han Solo action figure is from the first, second, or third movie.

There are also nostalgia collectors, who purchase copies of toys they had as children, and keep them on a shelf in a corner of their home. The toys likely don’t get as much playtime, and a lot of them will be in or at least with original packaging. These collectibles are also not likely to be sold, as this type of collector is also emotionally invested in the products. Chances are that this type of collector has seen the movies enough to quote large sections, but hasn’t taken the time to watch them lately.

Another collector of Star Wars merchandise is the serious collector. This type of collector likely has an extensive collection, mostly or all mint in box, and while he doesn’t play with the toys, certainly knows to within a few dollars how much his collection is worth. This person is more likely to sell an item than a fanatic or nostalgia collector and he is more likely to be devoted to keeping the collection displayed pristinely. Serious collectors have likely seen and have liked the movies, but don’t have the affection for them that others might have.


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