The High-Performance Entrepreneur – Golden Rules for Success in Today’s World

Subroto Bagchi, most of us would have heard this name either knowingly or unknowingly. I knew him right from my college days, when he was writing an article for Business world weekly magazine at that time. I was really impressed by his ability of analyzing things and correlate it to real life experiences. He is the co-founder of well known Indian software firm called Mind Tree Consulting.

The latest to this is his new book : The High-Performance Entrepreneur: Golden Rules for Success in Today’s World. If you wish to become an entrepreneur then this book is for you, though he wont teach you any magic formula, but he has given enough information to be a successful entrepreneur.

He has provided wealth of advice gained from his personal experience that can put you in pursuit of success.
You want to become an entrepreneur and you don’t know how,when,what…… Then this book will answer your every damn query. There are some brilliant chapters titled ” when do i know If I am ready” which makes you to think about yourself and your dream.

This book teaches you from scratch. Right from building a core team to choosing investors, How you should manage your resources, How you can create a niche for yourself, how to create and manage a brand name…. and so on. He even manages to teach you the most controversial topic of the industry IPO.

This book is so simple to read that you don’t even need a dictionary. Language and his choice of words are superb. No hi-fi jargons, all in simple English.

This book can change your way of thinking wrt entrepreneurship.. Sometimes you will feel like Subroto Bagchi has put all his entrepreneur experience into one book. Most of the contents in this book are all based on his real life experiences. He even talks about Deccan Airways and Cafe Coffee Day to narrate some of the facts..

Overall you can have a very enriching experience throughout this book..

I got mine 395/- bucks back…. what about you!!!!

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