The Importance of Cyber Surveillance – Technologies for Cyber Defense

The Department of Defense is constantly discussing how to upgrade their cyber defense technology. The Pentagon is concerned with the implications of a weak cyber system that could be exposed to cyber threats from America’s enemies. The DOD wants greater cooperation with industry and government in safeguarding U.S. cyberspace. The Pentagon and DOD will meet with big time internet companies like Google and Intel to work out the best strategies to expand in the cyber industry and tackle key issues. The leaders of defense know the importance of expansion into the private sector for help in implementing cyber security and finding effective policies to regulate that area.

There would be a vast impact on individual liberty though the government maintaining surveillance in cyber systems. Many privacy issues would come about such as access to information. The government would have access to individual preferences such as someone’s credit card numbers, airline, hotel, or restaurant reservations. They would know the websites the public visits and much more. However the main benefits for the public would be more effective tactics to eliminate crime and enforce laws.

There are many examples of how surveillance technology has been used. The Air Force Special Investigations Unit and the police force use this technology to track and investigate crime. They use many types of systems combined with cyber space technology such as visual, audio-visual, computer, and tracking surveillance. These types of surveillance are seen in the public a lot such as stores and public transportation. Many companies use them and there has been an increase by companies to make use of surveillance technologies in vehicles, service tags, human beings, and to track objects. These types of surveillance are becoming outdated as people are becoming more and more adept to computer systems.

Foreign countries such as China rely on cyber surveillance technologies to tighten the usage of the internet. They constantly make use of web censorship and block major private networks such as Facebook, MySpace, and Twitter. Government officials routinely monitor individuals and their internet behavior. The police argue that their criminal investigations work more efficiently because they can use the interne to control blackmail, gambling, and stop the spread of viruses and important computer information.

The negative side of cyber surveillance is that it could be used to monitor people and come into contact with legal issues. Managers could use cyber technology to monitor employees. Supervisors will be capable of spying for any intended purpose. New contracts will have to be implemented to get approved. There other concerns with cyber technology such as ethical and social concerns.

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