The Metamorphosis of an Entrepreneur

No entrepreneur was born with the wealth and businesses they control. They are born ordinarily as any other person but they do distinguish themselves in the act of making money. Thus they are not born but made. This attests to the fact that there was an alteration of nature and character in their lives.

This metamorphosis in the lives of entrepreneurs is shown in the following ways:

  • They move from the psychology of security to freedom. A greater percentage of the world population demands security on their jobs and stipulated earning periodically. However, for the entrepreneur, they are interested in operating outside a caged environment. They are not prone to receiving a given amount of regularised income, they expand their net on daily bases.
  • They exploit opportunities or windows openings instead of resource control. Many folks are after resources to control, but the entrepreneurs’ exploits opportunities and enjoy a lot from resources he never saw or touched. Thus via strategic alliances and thinking, they utilize resources they never owned. Their major working tool is becoming a better manager as against an employee.
  • Wealth creation as against pay check and promotion. People are taught in schools and at home to work and receive pay checks and promotion. Entrepreneurs grow up and divert into wealth creation. Their wealth creation takes care of those who desire pay checks and promotion. Thus they do not carry curriculum vitae around instead they create business anywhere they find themselves.
  • Owning up to mistakes and their responsibilities. Entrepreneurs do not throw blames at others, they accept them and find lasting solutions toward nipping such mistake at the bud forever. They are naturally in-charge of situations around them and they are always ready to learn from whomever that can offer any tutorial that will be relevant.
  • Generalised education as against that of specialized. Due to the dynamism of the marketplace, many entrepreneurs go for generalised education. This learning is done in the marketplace where all the action starts and ends, thus their education is street certified. They can do just anything that a specialist cannot attempt, yet in all these they come out with better result than some school certified. They know above average of all that is needful.

For any budding entrepreneur, you have to get down to the marketplace and start taking your lesson. This differentiates business owners and big time employees. 

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