Things to Avoid When Getting Your New Car And Auto Loan

Buying that new car at the dealers can often be filled with a number of mistakes that tip off the car salesman as to the ignorance of the buyer. He or she will often then proceed to take advantage of unsuspecting customers (victims). By being informed, though, as to things that should be avoided, you can come away knowing that you got the deal on your car loan that you wanted. Here are some things you want to avoid.

1. Dressing Up For Car Shopping

If you come into the car dealership with a lot of fancy clothes, jewelry and gold, you really can forget about being offered a good deal. They certainly will look for clues as to what kind of deals to offer their clients, and will gear the deal to what they perceive the people can afford. Also, if you drive in with a Porsche – expect to pay a higher price than others on your next car.

2. Buying At End Of Season

Every year, when it comes time for the new cars to arrive, all the older models are reduced in order to make room for the new ones. Sometimes, however, the dealer may not advertise the reduced prices in order to see if there is someone who will walk in and buy it at the original price. Sure enough, there often will be somebody who has not done some homework and found out that the same model was reduced $6,000 a month earlier. Or, possibly, worse yet, he or she could have bought the new model for just $1,000 more.

3. Show Too Much Emotion Over A Car You Like

If you give the impression that you really love a certain car and must have it now type of approach, the salesman will play on this. He or she knows that your emotions will lead you to buy it – even if the price is not quite right. This means they will most likely not be as flexible with their offers as you want them to be.

4. Don’t Be In A Hurry

Giving the impression that you are in a hurry tells the salesperson that you may not have time to think things through. This will encourage them to aim high and not give you the deal you would like to have. Instead, you want to give the salesman the impression you are not in a hurry, and this will force them to make their best offer before you walk out the door.

5. Finance Through The Car Dealer

This could be a serious mistake because – in many cases – you could get better financial terms by getting preapproved for a car loan. Dealers are sometimes notorious for adding charges, or making a bait and switch auto loan which gives you higher terms than what you initially thought you were getting.

6. Failing To Research The Car’s Value Before You Buy

Dealers often post high prices because they know that most people like to negotiate. This means that if you pay the initial offer, that you are giving them more than even they had hoped for. This leaves room for serious negotiation, but you need to know what the car is really going for on the market to be able to make the best deals.

A little homework on your part will enable you to be certain that you are prepared to do business. It will also help you get the car and the auto loan deal you wanted and will be proud of – proud enough to tell your friends and family.

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