You Probably Have What it Takes to Become a Successful Woman Entrepreneur and You Do Not Know it

I realize that not every woman wants to be an entrepreneur, but some of you may be already an entrepreneur without realizing it.If you have:

* Had a lemonade stand

* Sold girl scout cookies

* Participated in any type of MLM

* Ran a department within a large organization, just to mention few

You are an entrepreneur already.

A lot of people, especially women want to start their own business, but they are not sure of their entrepreneurial capabilities, but the truth is that you can learn just about any of the skills necessaries to run a business, as long as you have the passion and the drive required to be an entrepreneur.

Perhaps the characteristic that most differentiates entrepreneurial leaders from those who choose to work for someone else, is the vision of the entrepreneur. When you work for someone else, the overarching vision is already there; whether it is to provide legal services, give away money though a foundation, there is a vision that proceeds building the business; and it usually comes from an entrepreneur.

True women entrepreneurs already have a vision for what they want to do to make money, improve society, create a product, or enhance their own lives. It is a driving force that impels them to go out and make their vision a reality. It would be pretty difficult to be a successful entrepreneur without a vision.

In order to be successful, a woman entrepreneur should consider and know the following lessons of entrepreneurship vision:

* Even if your vision is not crystal clear when you start, it will drive your direction and eventually come into focus.

* Vision alone is not enough. Develop a strategy to achieve it. Use goal setting to do so.

* Passion is essential for the entrepreneur to put the number of hours and amount of energy needed to succeed.

* Immerse yourself in learning about all facets of your enterprise. Become the experts to whom others turn.

* Do not let the competition discourage you. You can distinguish yourself by providing better, faster, or more customer centered service.

* Your enterprise has to complement your values and strengths.

* Proposed a win win solution to your the problems of your customer (again, incorporating your vision).

* Know when it is time to create your infrastructure.

* Act in concert to your values, but always following your vision.

* Set boundaries.

* Explore entrepreneurial ventures that fit your lifestyle. If you have small children or a traditional marriage; a business that requires you to travel or work long hours probably is not for you.

* Weight the financial realities and possibilities.

* There will be a time when your business is stable and you will have time to help others. Do so.

* Do not allow naysayers to shape your vision and decisions. Most people will have too much to say that will make us feel discourage, but not enough to say that will help us be successful.

Follow your passion, trust your vision, become a successful woman entrepreneur.

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