How Do You Manage Large Complex Facilities Today?

Use experienced facilities management consultants! You need to know when to bring in the facilities management experts. Clear indicators are when your facility is under achieving projected goals, your facility is rapidly deteriorating, your integrated departments are not producing the results you’ve expected and your costs are rising faster than your profits. It is at this crucial point that you must make careful and well informed decisions such as whether to improve the existing infrastructure or the organizational structure and identify why. A facilities management consultant will aid in the administration of the necessary comprehensive evaluation of your facility and organization to answer challenges. You may choose to consult with a firm on a short-term basis or hire experienced facilities management consultants for long range planning and development.

Facilities management consultants have access to a vast network of professionals who collaborate together and work in numerous industries and types of facilities. They can fully understand your present situation and help you define your vision for the organization. A consultant will lead you to solid solutions to problems that arise when the infrastructure, strategies and business practices are failing. Every high performance facility is dependent on the people that operate and maintain it including the business practices that must sustain the purpose of that facility. Choose facilities management consultants that have the expertise and field experience to collaborate with you and your staff.

Their experience, skills and resources lead you to fit together all the facets of your dynamic facility including: cost effective methodologies; building equipment design; the clean work environment; federal and state regulations compliance; environmental hazards controls; and a myriad of challenges that arise along the road to becoming a high performance facility. They should listen carefully, analyze your concerns and find the appropriate solutions to complex issues that arise. By consulting with people with the broadest experience in this highly specialized field, you can minimize mistakes, reduce costs, change the business culture and know that you have spent your money wisely. Experienced facilities management consultants also provide solutions to such industry problems as: Organizational alignment for viable strategies and solutions Laboratory spaces that consume considerable energy due to their traditionally high ventilation rates Risks for operators and minimizing errors; safety review; training and quality control; Improving work flow and processes.

Assessment of staff resource procedures to clarify personnel responsibilities; Executive coaching; Developing effective cost accounting systems for cost control management; operational capital forecasting; Achieving the highest levels of productivity from the building occupants; Assist with achieving a better understanding of how facilities operate and why it is important to support them Integrating operation and control of mechanical, electrical, plumbing, communications, and fire systems to work efficiently and effectively; Developing preventative maintenance systems for physical plants that can generate huge savings; Skills in engineering project management; product development; systems performance improvement and maintenance; supporting utility reduction projects that help to lower costs and increase savings; Negotiating and helping to resolve any technical disputes between personnel, contractors, suppliers, owners and government officials; vendor; Increasing profits and reducing costs through better building system performance; Assisting with operations and maintenance support, engineering budgeting, contract administration, business development organizational assessments, project management and planning and construction management Facility management consultants help you create safe, healthy and productive environments for your business and the employees.

Whether your business is a health care facility, higher education campus, a life science building, a public use facility, a government project, or a commercial property, the goal is to develop systems for cost reductions, and to develop policies and procedures that reduce risk and increase profits through better building system performance. The goal is to have a first class high performance facility for your business future growth.

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